27 death threats against Gary

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27 death threats against Gary

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith says he has received 27 death threats in the 15 months since taking office as COP.

The COP said:“The more threats I get, it means the more I am doing my job. Which is a good thing,”

Griffith outlined: “There have been 27 death threats on myself. Sometimes, you have to look at a different line (and determine) the difference between idle threats, someone just being mentally unstable or just emotional, to a clear and present danger where there is a direct and proper operational plan to be able to do what is required.

“So there were at least four or five where there was a clear and present danger, where there was a clinical ope­ration planned to assassinate me. But I wish to give the public the assurance that I can handle my story. It will not in any way deter me”.

Griffith said he will not be detered and the criminals need to understand that he will do what he has been appointed to do without fear or favor.