26 arrested in operation ‘Grand Slam’

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26 arrested in operation ‘Grand Slam’

Divisional Commanders of the North Central and Northern Divisions collaborated when they executed ‘Operation Grand Slam’ over the past weekend.

The operation, an intelligence-led house search and roving exercise, was conducted throughout specific areas and districts within the North Central Division (NCD) and Northern Division (ND), between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th January 2023. Operation Grand Slam was initiated to suppress and dismantle the gang-related and other criminal activities within the two neighbouring divisions.

In the NCD, 12 male suspects between the ages of 22 and 44 were detained for gang related offences. Nine of the suspects reside in the St John’s Road, St Augustine area, while two reside in Tunapuna and the other at Macoya.

Meanwhile, as officers in the Northern Division swooped down on targeted areas in that Division 14 persons were arrested during the operation. Eleven arrests were made for a range of offences, including Possession of Camouflage, Possession of Cocaine, Driving Under the Influence, Drive Without Driver’s Permit, Breach of Protection Order, and Possession of an offensive weapon. While three of the suspects were also detained for Receiving Stolen Articles, Larceny, Store Breaking and Larceny, and Malicious Damage.