$25,000 bail for woman charged with bribing Police

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$25,000 bail for woman charged with bribing Police

A woman who was charged with offering a bribe to a Police Officer and for using obscene language was granted $25,000 bail when she appeared before Magistrate Duane Murray at the Chaguanas Second Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 16th June, 2021.

CRYSTAL PHILLIP, 30, of Old Southern Main Road, Chaguanas, pleaded not guilty to the charges and the matter was postponed to Wednesday 14th July, 2021.

Around 1pm on Monday 14th June 2021 whilst on duty at the Chaguanas Police Station, PC Meah was informed by charge room officers that a relative of a person in police custody wanted to speak with him. PC Meah met with the female relative, who indicated that she had drinks and clothes and would like to bring some food within the hour for her relative. A short while later PC Meah meet with the woman at the Station. The woman had three plastic bags and upon checking one of the bags, PC Meah allegedly saw an envelope containing a quantity of $100 notes. PC Meah told the woman about the money, then handed over the bag to the woman and instructed her to check it.

The woman allegedly took hold of PC Meah’s hand, placed his hand into the bag and stated, “This is for you officer”. The woman also allegedly used obscene language while offering PC Meah a further sum of money for his assistance. PC Meah began to inform the woman of the offences she had committed, however, she interrupted him and allegedly used obscene language to insult the officer. PC Meah then secured the envelope with the money, and with the assistance of WPC Andres and WPC Ramkissoon arrested the woman, who was later charged with offering a bribe to a Police Officer and using obscene language.