23-year-old man shot while driving in Morvant

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23-year-old man shot while driving in Morvant

Morvant police are investigating a shooting in the area on Friday afteroon which left a Cunupia man nursing injuries at hospital.

The 23-year-old victim was shot and later crashed his car.

Officers of the Morvant CID and the North Eastern Division Task Force received a report that a driver crashed into a traffic sign at the corner of William Avenue and Lady Young Road, Morvant, around 5.30 pm.

On arrival, they found a silver Nissan Tiida with the driver slumped over with gunshot wounds to the right side of his upper back.

Investigators said bullet holes were also seen on the back right side window of the car.

Officers were told that the shooting may have begun in Crow Trace, Chinapoo, Morvant, where police found three spent 5.56 shell casings.