23 primary schools vying for junior parang title this weekend

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23 primary schools vying for junior parang title this weekend

The next generation of parranderos are getting ready for this weekend, as they put the final touches to their presentations for the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s Junior Parang Festival.

The event takes place on November 18 and 19 at St Francois Girls’ College, Belmont, from 9am. Themed “Mi Parranda!” (My Parang!), the competition will see 23 primary schools and 16 secondary schools vying for top honours. Last year’s winners Morvant Anglican Primary School and St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph are back in the line up to see if they can take home the trophy once again.

While he noted an increase in school participation, NPATT Youth Officer Joseph Bertrand said he was happier knowing that the students were involved in a tradition that is part of the T&T landscape.

“The students’ participation transcends the boundaries of a competition; it is a living, breathing testament to the resilience of a tradition that has been passed down through generations. We are here to witness not only a musical spectacle but the very future of the art form we hold dear,” he said.

“But this would not have been possible without the support of bpTT, Epic Fete Promotions, Simon’s Musical Supplies, as well as the Ministries of Education and Culture.” For this year’s competition, the young parranderos in the primary school category are asked to perform one song – anunciación – the annunciation or birth of Christ. The secondary school bands are asked to perform an anunciación as well as a tune of choice.

Additional prizes will go to:
• Best lead male and female
• Best lead Instrument
• Best Box bass, cuatro, marac
• Best dressed
• Best presentation

The following are the list of schools to compete. In order of appearance, they are:

Primary Schools – November 18
1. The University School
2. Morvant Anglican School
3. Rancho Quemado Government Primary School
4. Belmont Boys’ R.C. School
5. International Bilingual School
6. San Juan Government Primary School
7. Tunapuna Boys’ R.C. School
8. Dinsley-Trincity Government Primary School
9. San Rafael R.C. School
10. Point Fortin R.C. School
11. Vance River R.C. School
12. Arima Boys’ R.C. School
13. St Patrick’s Newtown Girls’ R.C. School
14. Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. School
15. Sacred Heart Girls’ R.C. School
16. St Peters R.C. Primary School
17. St Charles (Tunapuna) Girls’ R.C. School
18. Success R.C. Primary School
19. St Patrick’s Newtown Boys’ R.C. School
20. Malabar R.C. Primary School
21. St Gabriel’s Girls’ R.C. School
22. Cap de Ville Government Primary School
23. St. Benedict’s R.C. Primary School

Secondary Schools – November 19

1. Trinity College Moka
2. St Francois Girls’ College
3. La Casita Hispanic Cultural Centre
4. St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph
5. Bishops Anstey P.O.S. and Queen’s Royal College
6. Woodbrook Secondary School
7. Tunapuna Secondary School
8. International Bilingual School
9. Belmont Secondary School
10. Holy Name Convent Pos
11. Arima North Secondary
12. Providence Girls’ Catholic School
13. St Mary’s College
14. Bishop Anstey/Trinity College East
15. St Charles High School
16. Blanchisseuse Secondary School