$20,000 reward being offered by police union for info on killers of PC Gilkes

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$20,000 reward being offered by police union for info on killers of PC Gilkes

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social Welfare Association (TTPSSWA) has issued a reward of $20,000 for information leading to the capture of the suspects involved in the murder PC CLarence Gilkes in Diego Martin.

Gilkes was shot and killed in Upper Rich Plains Road, Diego Martin, on Friday afternoon, when he and a party of officers went to the area to execute a warrant on a man. They were fired upon while conducting their duties.

President of the TTPSSWA acting ASP Gideon Dickson offered condolences to Gilkes’ family for their loss and said the association would do their part to try and find those responsible.

“We want to put on record to say that we will put out $20,000 for any information leading to the successful capture of the perpetrator and we know who it is and the people in the community here also know who it is so we are calling on our community members to partner with the police.

“We have several different anonymous means of communication, once the information is credible and it leads to the capture of the culprits, the association will pay a $20,000 reward and we will also call on other stakeholders to partner with us.

“If you have attacked law enforcement on this occasion, the next time will be law-abiding citizens.”

Dickson said that he would lobby for a $1 million cash reward be issued to his family and added, “From an association perspective we will do what we have to do to ensure the family of officer Gilkes will get what they are truly deserving of.

“Because he was shot in the line of duty he would have died in the line of duty, we will be lobbying the minister over this weekend to ensure that it takes place in the shortest time.

“We will be having our central committee reps check on the family to ensure the association could in fact provide some relief in the short-term.”