EBC says nothing untoward following NTA “ballot box” complaint

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EBC says nothing untoward following NTA “ballot box” complaint

Elections and Boundaries Commission CEO Fern Narcis-Scope has addressed concerns by Gary Griffith’s National Transformation Alliance over what the party described as irregularities regarding the handling of ballot boxes.

The party claimed that two of its executive members, during a visit to a polling station yesterday, witnessed a woman retrieve a sealed ballot box from her vehicle, enter the polling station and then exit without the ballot box.

The woman, who was accompanied by two children, initially drove off before halting her car a short distance away as a man emerged from the polling station carrying a ballot box which he placed into her car as she then departed.

The party claims that when they enquired, they were told by the man that not all ballot boxes were removed and some remained at the polling station.

Speakign this morning on Power 102 Digital’s Power Rerakfast Show, Mrs Narcis-Scope explained that there was nothing untoward about the situation.

She said it was simply a case of a mix up in lists which needed to be collected and exchanged.