18-year old escapes kidnap attempt during robbery


18-year old escapes kidnap attempt during robbery

Two South families have been left traumatized after burglars beat and robbed them before stealing cash and other valuables.

In the first instance, an 18-year-old girl was almost kidnapped from her Freeport home by burglars early Monday morning.

After the bandits beat her father and brother, they tied them up and stole a quantity of cash, jewellery, and five cell phones.

They also tied up the teen’s mother who was at home at the time,

They then attempted to leave with the loot and the 18-year-old University student.

But, it was the teen’s screams and her mother’s cries that forced a neighbour to sound his house alarm which alerted the police.

The men dropped the girl and escaped in a waiting car.

The teen is currently being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital for cuts and bruises.

Her father, who is also being treated at the same hospital, was badly beaten by the men. He suffered blunt force trauma to his head and a few broken teeth.

Her brother suffered a broken sinus.

Last week Thursday, two teenagers were threatened with death if their parents did not give the burglars their sou sou money.

With guns in their children’s faces, the parents gave the bandits over $40,000 in cash.

They then tied up the mother and the father and escaped.

There have also been other incidents of robbery reported in the Freeport area.

Police are continuing investigations.