TTUTA “concerned” over teachers’ conditions in hotspot areas

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TTUTA “concerned” over teachers’ conditions in hotspot areas

TTUTA is very concerned over the conditions teachers in hotspot areas face on a daily basis.

This after footage emerged yesterday of a teacher instructing students to lie on the ground and remain quiet as gunshots ring out nearby.

According to TUTA president Martin Lum Kin, this is not the first time the students had to do this.

Mr Lum Kin said the proximity of the shootings to the school compound has forced teachers to institute the shooting drill in which students are told to lie on the ground.

He said teachers in hotspot areas are faced with problems such as these on a daily basis.

He added that situations such as these, where the safety of students and teachers are compromised, points to the need for a smooth transition between face-to-face and virtual learning