Dua Lipa seeking to levitate your style with new Puma collection

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Dua Lipa seeking to levitate your style with new Puma collection

Dua Lipa has once again donned her designer cap, releasing a second fashion collection with Puma.

Dubbed “Flutur 2,” the second entry from Dua Lipa and Puma builds on the singer’s Nineties/Noughties nostalgia — this time taking inspiration from throwback rave culture for brand new sneakers, tracksuits, skirts, bralettes, and more. Retro silhouettes, pops of vivid color, and inventive logo work abound, while Puma’s fast cat insignia is joined by Lipa’s Flutur butterfly logo (“Flutur” is Albanian for butterfly).

A two-part collection, the first half of Flutur 2 is out now at Puma.com and in select Puma stores, priced between $50 and $150. The collection’s second half is slated for release on July 28.

According to Lipa, the butterfly lettermark plays a key role in her collection: “The butterfly represents transition, metamorphosis, and new beginnings,” says Lipa, in a press release. “I felt like in the beginning, when I first started working on drop one, the butterfly already had a lot of meaning for me. Now, going into the second drop, that meaning has just solidified itself and become even more important in my life. It feels like everything progressed and manifested itself in that way.”

Lipa fans got a taste of the singer’s fashion chops late last year, when she dropped her first Flutur capsule with Puma. That collection included standout pieces like Dua’s take on the Mayze sneaker, as well as a logo baby tee (both pieces are still available at Puma.com). Prior to releasing her own collection, Lipa joined Puma as a brand ambassador and star of Puma’s “She Moves Us” campaign.

You can head to Puma.com to shop Lipa’s Flutur 2 Puma collection.