Restriction on open-air cremations stay

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Restriction on open-air cremations stay

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, said the restriction on open-air cremation of persons with COVID-19 at the time of their death remains in place at this time.

He made the comment yesterday, following calls by members of the Hindu community to have the restriction adjusted.

Pundit Professor Prakash Persad Chairman of the Board of Directors for SWAHA International, wrote to the Minister saying the inability to perform open-air cremations is creating severe financial pressures and increased emotional distress for relatives of the deceased.

Persad pointed out that in India, at the height of their recent surge, open-air cremations were still routine, as per custom.

However, Deyalsingh, in response, said he has raised the matter with the Chief Medical Officer and the CMO and his officials will continue monitoring international science and evidence.

Persad asked that if no changes are made, that government consider some measure of financial assistance to meet the increasing costs associated with cremations in a crematorium.