Social Development Minister says her comments were misinterpreted

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Social Development Minister says her comments were misinterpreted

After coming under fire for stating that “there are some people in need and some in greed,” in response to long lines for food outside South Park Plaza in San Fernando last Friday, Social Development Minister Donna Cox is now defending herself.

In an interview with CNC3, the minister insisted that she was on the side of the needy and that her comment was misinterpreted.

She said: “If you read the context you would see of course there are people in need and we would like to help the people in need.”
However, she said the reality is that there are those who come to access aid and block those who really should be getting.”

She believes the issue is being politically-fuelled, saying, “I am trying to figure out why they making an issue. I think everyone knows that in every situation there are those who are in need and others who may not be in need.”

To prove her point, the Minister made mention of the fact that millions of dollars had been wasted on people who applied for multiple grants and she noted that these figures will be supplied.