$12,000 stolen from US nurse; her TT boyfriend a suspect

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$12,000 stolen from US nurse; her TT boyfriend a suspect

A US citizen is missing $12,000 which she left in her hotel room, during a recent stay in TT.
The suspected thief… her missing Trinidadian boyfriend.

The 54-year-old woman, who is a nurse from Colorado, reported that she came to Trinidad two months ago and was staying with her boyfriend, who is from Dow Village, California.

She said that on Monday, they checked into a room at the Airport Suites Hotel in Tunapuna and left the $12,000 in a knapsack on a chair.

The woman said that while away from the hotel, the two had an argument and the boyfriend took the room key and left.

The woman said she returned to the hotel at 3a.m. on Wednesday to be told that the boyfriend had visited the room.

When she checked on the room, the boyfriend was not there. Also not there was the knapsack with the money.

Northern Division officers are investigating.