1158 pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine in Tobago

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1158 pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine in Tobago

Three thousand COVID-19 vaccines were allocated to Tobago and will initially cover the two required doses for 1,500 frontline workers and older persons, as part of the priority process.  

Meanwhile 1158
people have pre-registered for the COVID-19 vaccine so far in Tobago and it is expected that Tobago will use up its full 1,500 available slots in this first phase of vaccination.

As of today, more than 650 people have been given appointments to kick off the vaccination programme, which starts in earnest at the Scarborough and Canaan Health Centres. 

Dr Roxanne Mitchell, Manager (Ag.) Primary Care Services and head of the vaccination roll out in Tobago says: “We are heartened by the response.  We have 1158 persons registered. We will be informing others of their appointments soon. I just want to urge people to keep their appointments.”

Dr Mitchell says there were some hiccups with people with double registrations and also only having landlines. However, most of that has been cleared up. 

Secretary of Health, Wellness and Family Development, Assemblyman Tracy Davidson-Celestine, who will take her COVID-19 jab tomorrow is pleased and excited on how smoothly the roll out process has gone so far:

“The public response has been great and we are hoping the uptake will continue in an upward direction. So far, our systems are a go for tomorrow.  We continue to urge people to step forward. The life you save might just be yours or a loved one. I for one am anxious so that our economy can reopen,and we can bring some normalcy, as much as we can. If we want to be able to hold our loves ones, resume economic activities, open our borders, then we must get vaccinated. I am getting vaccinated and so should you.”