11-year-old boy threatens student with knife

11-year-old boy threatens student with knife

A pupil of the Marabella Anglican Primary School was suspended after he put a knife to the throat of his classmate last Friday.

The boy’s aunt, with whom he lives, said when she returned from work last Friday, she threatened to take her 11-year old nephew to court. He had been caught smoking weed with his friends in the past, and this incident proved to be the final straw.

She said, “He doesn’t care, he don’t care. My home is stable, my children are big. I have five children of my own. I took in four of them. They used to stay in a home by a lady in Point and the lady said she was fed up so I took them. They are my nieces and nephews. He has a mind of his own. Their mother and father are delinquent.”

The aunt has legal custody over the boy who she says has been getting into a lot of trouble. She recently asked for assistance from the Children’s Authority, and he is currently receiving counselling services from one of the organization’s representatives.

On Friday, after she told him she would take him to court, he ran away from home. Police launched a search for the young boy but they were unsuccessful in finding him. His mother took him back to school this week but the police were called.

He was taken to the Marabella Police Station.

His aunt arrived at the station and took him home.