108-Foot Vagina Sculpture Generates ‘Culture War’ In Brazil


108-Foot Vagina Sculpture Generates ‘Culture War’ In Brazil

A huge vagina sculpture in Brazil is creating a culture war, with critics suggesting the creation of a giant penis to challenge it.

The 108-foot handmade sculpture of a female body part, created of concrete and resin by artist Juliana Notari, sits on a hillside in northeastern Brazil where a former sugar mill has been turned into an open-air museum, according to Reuters.com in a piece published Monday.

Pictures and clips of the giant red sculpture, titled “Diva,” have surfaced online and it’s creating quite a stir, with allies of the country’s President Jair Bolsonaro expressing their dislike of it.

“These issues have become increasingly urgent today,” the artist wrote on her Facebook page, along with several snaps of the vagina sculpture. The piece took over 11 months to build with the help of 20 artisans, according to the report.

The piece noted that shots of the artwork had spurred some 25,000 people to comment on the artist’s Facebook page, with both supporters and critics reaching out.

Critics called it “obscene” and “transphobic,” per News18.com. One supporter suggested reactions to the work proved it was a “success.” Another reportedly said “it will never be understood by the patriarchs, the phalocrats and the neoliberal and facho-Christian mediocrities like Bolsonaro and his fauna.”

One such critic and political guru of Bolsonaro’s, Olavo de Carvalho, tweeted about the work and proposed a giant penis sculpture as a way to challenge it, per the outlet.