103-year-old Grandmother Celebrates Beating COVID-19 with a Cold Beer

103-year-old Grandmother Celebrates Beating COVID-19 with a Cold Beer

Jennie Stejna is a great-great-grandmother who lived in a nursing home in the city of Wilbraham, Massachusetts (United States). It was precisely in that place that he contracted the coronavirus. After presenting the first symptoms of the virus, she was isolated in a room where she was quarantined for three weeks. His life was in serious danger.

“She did not understand what was happening, only knew that she was very ill to the point that it worsened,” she told reporters. The critical condition of the old woman gave her little (very little) hope of life. In fact, from the center they had already called the family to say goodbye to her. The pain of an inevitable departure was already present.

However, against all odds, the elderly woman with Polish roots recovered to the amazement of everyone who knew her case and who later learned of it through Facebook. When asked by the residence staff how she wanted to celebrate her recovery, Jennie did not hesitate: she wanted a Bud Light, his favorite beer, well chilled.

Network users have not been indifferent to this surprising case: a 103-year-old woman, who was sentenced to death for the coronavirus, emerged triumphant from that ordeal. And surely many of the regular visitors to Facebook They also had a beer in honor of the brave great-great-grandmother.